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Le Big Mac, This Was Not; Meal Fit for a President With the Aid of a Chef Barely Fit for the Kitchen

The question is, what did the president know and when did he know it? Did he know about me and the lobster salad he ate at that three-star restaurant on Thursday night? Or me and the mushrooms? ...

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Chef Francis Reynard Shepherds in New Menu at Solaia Restaurant in Englewood

Solaia Restaurant has stalwart on Van Brunt for years. In the last few months they have hired consulting Chef Francis Reynard to create a new gastronomic Italian menu...

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Cafe Krystall opening by Francis Reynard

Café Kristall is a gem; more accurately, a jewelry box. The intimate Soho café annexes the Swarovski store, and this novel partnership doesn’t go unnoticed...

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Chef Francis Reynard on the ingredient Finder

“Every great home chef should be organized like a surgeon: a spotless kitchen, ingredients from the best purveyors at the ready with equipment and tools an arm’s length away” says chef and consultant, Francis Reynard....

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